Designer Bug Eliminator

Safe for use around humans and pets.

The PEST LADY, recommends this bug eliminator for indoor or outdoor use !!! Easily gets rid of flies, moths, mosquitoes and all kinds of other unwanted flying-insect guests without any noisy electric pops; without any gooey adhesives; without any noxious poisons. Simply plug in the E-Trap Designer Bug Eliminator in your bedroom, your kitchen, your living room: Anywhere you'd like to be free of flying pests! The especially attractive (to bugs) blue light will lure flying insects toward a low voltage grid that pushes them into an inescapable trap in its base, where they perish quickly and without danger of exploding insect parts and viruses. Clean up is quick, easy and clean - just slide out the base and empty the trap. E-Trap Eliminator is gracefully designed to fit into the nicest homes, with a sculptural profile and beautiful translucent white&blue color.

2 Easily-changed bulbs:

Product Measures: 12.9" tall x 11.6" across. Weighs 3.31 lbs
Plugs into wall outlet
One-year warranty

To receive yours click here $119.95 or send check or money order for $119.95 ($119.95+ $5.95 Shipping & Handling) to:

E-Trap Designer Bug Eliminator
1520 N. 6th Street
Springfield, IL. 62702