ends root growth overnight
$29.00 plus shipping
for 2 lb bottle
(volume discount available online)
*Simply add to toilet or drain
*Kills tree roots without
  harming trees or shrubs.
*100% effective in your
  sewerlines, septic tanks,
  cesspools and drain fields.
Root killer; works to effectively kill roots and retard new growth in sewer lines, septic tanks, cesspools and drain fields. The tiny root hairs from trees and shrubbery growing near sewer lines and septic systems enter the plumbing waste systems thorugh cracks, small holes, and pipe joints in search of water and nutrients. Yearly use of Root Kill clears pipes clogged with roots. Or use it on a more frequent basis to prevent regrowth. Copper Sulfate is a long-established method of controlling root damage in residential and commercial drain systems.
PEC Root Kill
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And you receive a 2 pound container to kill roots in pipes and stop new growth.
Half the price of other treatments. Yearly treatment eliminates the job of clearing pipes without harming surrounding trees, ground cover or natural bacteria* content of septic tanks.
*How safe is it?  Copper sulfate is
used extensively  in animal feeds.

Can Root Kill harm my pipes/sewer lines?
Root Kill will not harm the commode pipes when used as directed. Do not apply Root Kill through sink or tub drains as it may corrode these metals.

Will Root Kill destroy my trees?
Root Kill usually kills only the roots in the pipe. Root Kill is safe for plants, shrubs and trees.

Is Root Kill safe for my septic tank?
Yes. Root Kill is safe for the septic system when used as directed.

Does Root Kill remove roots permanently?
No. Since Root Kill usually kills only those roots actually in the pipes, roots may eventually regrow. Follow-up treatment would then be required.

flushable septic tank treatment packets stop septic odors
Controlling tree roots in sewers by Oklahoma State University recommends copper sulfate.
Double The Life of Your Septic Tank System

Discharge water from a washing machine is laced with enough lint, hair, and non-biodegradeable fibers to carpet your living room once a year. When it drains into a utility sink, the debris clogs the drainpipes and can destroy your septic tank leach field and treatment system. Our aluminum bag traps lint before it enters the drain by fastening it over the end of the washer discharge hose. Replace it every 2-3 weeks. Our LT-2 kit has a finer mesh to trap more fibers than any other filter tested. One package includes 2 lint traps and locking nylon straps.
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